Great restaurants are a blend of sophisticated cooking, imaginative ideas and respect for ingredients. Tomatina is more than this. It’s an experience that reminds you why some restaurants deserve to be a great place for food.

Tomatina mainly consist of three different dinning area’s for different requirements of the customer. The inner dinning area, outer dinning area and the private dinning area.

Inner Dinning Area

Tomatina’s main focus is the inner dinning, that has interiors created of South Asian style giving it a fantastic ambience with soft lighting & Smoothing Music as you delight on an authentic menu. The color theme used in the restaurant is rustic red, giving a pleasant feel when you are for a romantic dinner.

Outer Dinning Area

Dining out is one of the most enjoyable times, whether it's a romantic evening for two or taking the whole family out together. While visiting Tomatina, dining out takes on a whole new feel, Be it lunch or dinner. The outer dining area gives a scenic view of the town with a rooftop deck overlooking the city. There’s Something Special In the cold blowing breeze that always sets a romantic mood.

Private Dinning Area

Our private dining area provides the perfect backdrop for all occasions. Whether it is a birthday party, dinner party, corporate event, business presentation or simply a chance for people to be together. Step into first class luxury and experience unique dining in your own private seating, with individual personal service and executive chef to carve the main course.

Experience a touch of class with a lavishly set dining room table, using the finest dinner service at Tomatina to add luxury to the overall occasion. Private dining area is available by reservations to small parties of 12 to 15 guests and is ideal for private parties.

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