Director Note
They say the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. When I first met the love of my life, I was youthful and carefree. She looked like the goddess of beauty and I tried cooking to awe her. I failed to cook but she still approved to marry me. I knew I could not cook, so I thought of taking her to many restaurants big and small. But she refused to eat anywhere but at home.“ It is unhygienic, ” she would say,“ You don’t know the quality of ingredients they use”.

Since then, I dreamt of dedicating a place to her where she did not have to worry about what actually was in her plate. As you are reading this note, my dream is coming true.

At Tomatina our raw ingredients are hand picked. No we do not use High-Tech Tomatoes, Mysterious Milk or Chemically Engineered Potatoes. We emphasize the use of toxin free seasonal products and encourage local farmers. My team and I serve you something that we would love to eat and relish ourselves. As you prepare to make your selection, I hope you have the best culinary experience ever. As for me, I still can’t cook and my wife still loves me as she did on the first day of our wedding.

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